Our carefully crafted Colorado grown hard ciders stand on over a century of fruit growing experience.

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❄ Snow Capped Cider has won THREE Best in Class awards at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition.

GLINTCAP is the most prestigious cider contest in the world. This year, @glintcap was sent 1,750 entries to be judged for Best in Class, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. 

🏆🏆🏆Snow Capped Cider won Best in Class in the Heritage Sweet category for our Harrison Reserve Single Varietal and also in the Heritage Sweet category for our Gold Rush. We also won Best in Class for our Molly’s Rockies Rose’ @mollysspirits

⭐More win announcements coming soon!

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🥂Cheers to drinking estate grown Colorado apples and thank you @glintcap for arranging this incredible event.

🏆🏆 Winning a Good Food award is not just a statement for Snow Capped Cider. It really is a statement for high end cider in general. The cider industry is moving slowly towards developing knowledge of the complexities of these cider apples and historical varieties and how much they contribute to the character and flavor profile of high-end cider. 

👩‍🌾We have the advantage of being the growers. We know our Colorado apples and our special terrior work with the seasons' conditions the high elevation and the soils to adjust our growing practices uniquely to the changes that affect each year's harvest.

🌳As a large scale orchard we do not have to source our fruit and truck it to our facility.  For a century we have worked in our Rocky Mountain terroir. With each season's conditions, we adjust our growing practices to meet the extreme challenge that high elevation growing presents. The result is unparalleled flavor and robust character. 

📰 Now that the word is out, we want you to know our Estate grown ciders will be available to purchase online and our club will also open in August!
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🎉Celebrating our Good Food News! @goodfoodawards

🏆🏆Snow Capped Cider won Good Food Awards in January 2021; these beauties have finally been released and everyone can enjoy!

“The Good Food Foundation exists to celebrate, connect, empower and leverage the passionate and engaged, yet often overlooked, players in the food and agricultural chain  who are driving towards tasty, authentic and responsible food and beverages in order to humanize and reform our American food culture.”  

👩‍🌾 Kari planted 4 more acres this year! One of her all time favorite,
historic, all-american apples originally from past president Harrison.

🥂 Snow Capped Cider has two winners in the 2021 Good Food Awards. First we want to share our

🍾 Our Reserve Harrison is a modern, high-carbonated masterpiece. The straight forward flavors as a single varietal are presented with smooth juicy apple, slight sweetness, noteworthy orange peel, small hints of earthy spice and lingering touches of lemon ginger. Medium body boasts soft tannins with a finish delivered on spritely bubbles and light golden hue.


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